Saturday, April 4

Basic troubleshooting steps to enhance HP printer performance

In some instances, HP printer issues transpire just when you badly want to print a document. This type of event strikes whether you are in your home, in an office environment, or in school. Even though nearly all workplaces push for paperless setting, some offices still have some files published. Just in case your HP printer is problematic the moment you need it most, that’s the time you head over to the nearest HP repair centre.

We fully understand where you are coming from, this is why we think of ways on ensuring your office machine remains in mint condition. We share the same ideas, it is also our goal that you furnish your paperwork in a timely manner. Before you stop by an HP repair centre, here are essential troubleshooting steps to help you out:

Check the cartridges first

You may be unaware but other printers break down if their ink ran out. This is the reason it is necessary to inspect the level of ink before you start printing. This ensures that the printing process is nonstop and take advantage of premium quality prints all the time.

If the level of your ink is decreased or if you see a warning, then it’s the right time go to the company supplies section and get new ink. Or even better, head over to the local HP service centre to buy premium quality inks. Check it out at Printer repairs

Deal with paper jam concerns

Paper jams transpire regardless if you have a worn out or newer printer. There are lots of reasons for a paper jam. The minute paper jam happens, make certain that all the torn paper pieces are removed. Check if there are torn papers once you pry them out. Usually, those pieces are the culprit of the jam. More importantly, please ensure that you organize the papers correctly on the paper feeder.

You may also check out the thickness of the pages. If your printer is not manufactured for cardstock making, prepare for paper jam often. Only use materials that are intended for the printer to prevent this from occurring. You could also drop by an HP repair centre for your peace of mind.

The printer is not set as default

There are moments when a virtual printer is installed on your PC and set as the pre-programmed printer. Before you hit the print button, make sure the printer is set as the default printer instead of other printers highlighted on the page. The printer status should say “ready” and it should have the appropriate model number and printer brand.

When you finally fix this problem, you do not have to visit the closest service centre at all. Before buying, enquire tips on how to ensure your device is set up in your laptop or notebook. However, if you are not positive about installing your printer, it is best to call your printer technician to and find out where their HP service centre is located.

The printer has no wifi and does not support AirPrint

Often times you want to print from your phone or tablet but the printer is unresponsive — mainly because there are printers not capable of remote printing. WiFi printing usually means you don’t need a wire from any laptop/phone to hook up to your printer before you start printing. Still, the printer has to be hooked up to the power supply for it to function.

These are common printer problems you can solve by yourself. However, if your printer is still not responding, then it’s time to call a technician from service centres such as GOM. Don’t hesitate ask where you should take your printer for servicing or repair. You may also visit for more details.