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Bouncy Fun Basics: Your Guide to Trampolines and Trampolines Accessories

If you would be asked to buy trampoline as a gift, would you know which kind to choose? A trampoline is a device used for recreational and competitive purposes which are made of a strong fabric stretched over a steel frame. Coiled springs are used to attach the fabric to the steel frame and are also responsible for the bouncing motion of people who mount and jump on the trampoline. There are many types of trampolines and trampoline accessories you can buy. Before you purchase trampoline either as a gift or for personal use, it’s important for you to know the basics first so you are likely to make the right choice:


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Kinds of Trampoline:

  1. Round trampoline – This is the most recommended type for home or family use. They are available in different sizes which range from 8 to 16 feet in diameter and use light steel frames. Round trampolines are ideal for home use because the circular shape makes for even distribution of force. Thus, it’s highly likely for you to stay in the center of the mat when you try to bounce on a round trampoline.
  2. Rectangular trampoline – This type is commonly used by gymnasts because of the kind of bounce it offers. They are available in different sizes which may range from 7×10 to 10×17 feet and are made of thick steel frames. Because of the uneven shape, you need more control when jumping because the parallel steels can cause more rebounds. However, you can get higher bounces with a rectangular trampoline than with a round trampoline.
  3.  Square trampoline – If either the round or rectangular kind still doesn’t match your needs, you might want to buy trampoline that offers the combined benefits of the two: the square trampoline. They are also available in different sizes and can fit most backyards. This type can actually be used both for competitive and recreational purposes. Square trampolines have a criss-cross spring pattern which allows for more control for the jumper. In fact, this trampoline type is even ideal for kids’ use!

Once you have chosen the type of trampoline to purchase, you might want to start thinking about trampoline parts and accessories too. Here are some of the more common options you may consider:

Trampoline parts and accessories:

  1. Trampoline springs
  2. Enclosure foam or padding
  3. Trampoline covers
  4. Trampoline ladders
  5. Trampoline enclosure poles
  6. Trampoline nets
  7. Trampoline anchor kit
  8. Trampoline sprinkler

It’s highly likely that when you buy the trampoline, either for recreational or competitive use, you will also need to purchase some of these accessories to help you maintain the quality of your trampoline. Take note that there are a lot of trampoline accessories available in the market today. For example, if you wish to buy trampoline in Melbourne, you can check out Jump Star Trampolines which provide a wide range of trampoline parts and accessories. In fact, Jump Start Trampoline offers Australia-wide delivery service so when you order trampoline in Perth or in any other area in Australia for that matter, you won’t have to worry about the picking up the product from the store. Check out