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Why Duct Cleaning is Important

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One great quality of a home is the comfort it offers its occupants. Everyone admits that when the air quality of a home is excellent, it is very enjoyable to stay in it. However, when very sensitive people sneeze the moment they set foot into a house, there is a 90% chance that the ducts in that particular environment need cleaning because it has not been done in a while. To alter this kind of scenario, the best action a home owner needs to take is check the condition of the air ducts. In case one cannot do it alone, calling in professionals is the best available option.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says there is no health benefit as a result of having clogged ducts. All the same, most people agree having the ducts cleaned occasionally not only improves home air quality but helps to reduce electricity costs as well. In case an individual is not sure when to initiate aid duct cleaning, here are the signs:

  • Mold Growth – Molds are not only unsightly but very destructive too. When they grow on hard surfaces in the house, this is a clear sign that the duct system is in need of professional cleaning. If left unattended, molds may seriously affect the heating and cooling systems of a home leading to a complete overhaul or replacement. This therefore makes it important to clean the ducts regularly.
  • Duct Infestation with vermin like rats, butterflies and mosquitoes – Rodents and insects are unwanted visitors in almost all homes. Their presence can lead to lots of waste products which make a home dirty. They often invade the air ducts and this can lead to a complete blockage hence compromised air quality. When this happens, a house owner could take a look at what offers at the moment.
  • Dust and Debris – Most home activities like vacuum cleaning lead to dust particles circulating in the house before settling on the air ducts. After some time, there is a big build up of these particles leading to blocked air ducts. When this happens, there is need to call in experts to clean the ducts. A homeowner could find out what Willard Power Vac Inc. offers currently.
  • Heating and Cooling system Failures – Research findings show that when HVAC systems are cleaned, they run more efficiently and are likely to last longer. When these systems are in poor working condition, expenditure on electricity cost gets higher.
  • After a home has been renovated – There is need to clean the air ducts after the home has been remodeled. During the building process, dust from building materials like cement and sand are likely to collect on the ducts.
  • Sneezing in Sensitive People – Asthma patients need fresh air as they are sensitive to dust. When asthma patients or very sensitive individuals sneeze while in the house, there is need to take a careful look at the air ducts.

All the above are signs that a home needs immediate air duct cleaning. When shopping around for a cleaning company, take a look at Willard Power Vac Inc. 15620 NE Glisan Portland OR 97230 offers at the moment.