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2015 Happy Hop Parties Are Fun For All Kids

Toys & Recreation

The bounce house has become a popular option for kids’ parties around Australia. Today’s 2015 Happy Hop parties are being hosted with the intention of making kids feel more excited and enthusiastic about being active and having fun.

Inflatable bounce houses are available for parties of all sorts including birthday parties, confirmation parties, summer events and back-to-school parties alike. There is no real limit as to when you can get a bounce house ready.

Get Active!

2015 Happy Hop parties are great as they allow kids to get active and have a little more fun with their exercises. It’s great for kids these days to get some exercise and a fun inflatable house will let kids bounce around and have fun while staying active. The act of jumping up and down in a soft and flexible environment is always a fun thing for kids to enjoy.

The variety of designs for these houses make them suitable for many parties too. These include options that are designed with different colours, patterns and graphics that are appealing to boys and girls alike. It’s not too hard to find one that will particularly fit in with one’s overall party atmosphere.

Slides Are Available

These houses can also come with special inflatable slides. These can be found on the outside parts of the castle. In particular, a slide will connect with the main jumping area through a small opening. The opening will let any kid slide out of the castle and onto the ground. The slide can be gentle and should have a good incline while also being soft and bouncy without being dangerous.

Water Slides Are Available Too

Many of these Happy Hop castles include water slides too. Specifically, the user can inflate a castle and add water through a reservoir and allow it to shoot up to the top of a slide. This allows for a continuous stream of water. A small motor in the castle will propel the water to move up to the top of the castle and then slide down only to be moved up again. This means you don’t have to keep the hose on at all times. The user can always add more water to the slide throughout the day if necessary.

In fact, some of these options may be connected with hoses if needed. The user can quickly turn a hose on to add water as needed and turn it off after a bit to keep the house from becoming flooded.

This can be paired with a splash bouncing area that is also filled with water. It allows kids to get wet and have fun while playing in such a house.

Sports Activities Are Covered Too

Many sports-related activities can also be highlighted through the use of one of these castles. Specifically, a 2015 Happy Hop bounce castle can include its own basketball hoop. This can be found on the inside or outside of the castle and can add a new way to play with the castle.

Meanwhile, a soccer net may be added to the outside of the net. This will use some inflatable posts and a sturdy backdrop that will not hurt the castle or disrupt anyone who is bouncing on the inside. This offers a good challenge for all kids to have fun with when playing around for any desire.

Happy Hop bounce castles are great to have for any party. These are unique and will offer different features that are especially attractive and make a party more fun.